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HART ® Communication Foundation

HART (highway addressable remote transducer) stands for a
digital communication protocol of field devices. It is outstandingly suitable
for transmission of measuring data, diagnostics and device parameter.
The HART protocol is compatible with the existing 4-20mA systems and
enables the comprehensive system integration via host controller.
The simultaneous analog and digital communication follows the
principle of Frequency Shift Keying (FSK).

Advantages of HART ® technology:

  • Compatible with the existing 4-20mA systems
  • Simultaneous analog and digital communication
  • De facto industry standard
  • Great accuracy and safe measuring signal transmission
  • Simple diagnosis and parameterization
  • Applicable in hazardous areas

 HART - highway addressable remote transducer

HART Communication is a bi-directional industrial field communication protocol
used to communicate between intelligent field instruments and host systems.

HART technology is the global standard for smart process instrumentation and the majority
of smart field devices installed in plants worldwide are HART-enabled.
The global installed base of HART-enabled devices is the largest of all
communication protocols at more than 20 million. HART ® technology is easy to use
and very reliable.

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