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Increasing globalization causes a steady rising of stress of competition
and intensifies the cost pressure. This makes a direct impact on required
productivity and therewith on the accepted expenditure of time concerning
commissioning, standstill and maintenance.

This can only be minimized if intelligent sensors and actors are integrated
in a continuous communication system – without loosing the advantages
of a cost-efficient point-to-point-connection.

Answer to this problem: IO-Link

TEConcept has been a subsidiary of MESCO Engineering since 2008 and assumed
responsibility for IO-Link communication technology in 2013. TEConcept offers products,
development tooling and customized services for hardware and software development. 

TEConcept is an accredited IO-Link Competence Center and plays an active role on
the IO-Link Steering Committee.

We are delighted to have a strong and trustworthy partner in TEConcept, allowing us
to offer you professional IO-Link development services.

For further information, please click here: www.teconcept.de

Wentzingerstr. 21
79106 Freiburg
Tel. +49 761 21443640
Fax +49 761 21443631

Website: http://www.teconcept.de
E-Mail: info@teconcept.de


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